The Incessant caterwauling

Everyday our media houses clamor with pieces of information — some large, some exacerbated, some magnified.

  • Dereliction of duty
  • A political impasse
  • An actors infidelity
  • Sordid pictures of bribe and crime
  • Puerile excuses made by government officials

Reactions are plenty. We read about vitriolic outbursts, men and women flailing helplessly, Callous comments and ofcourse, profanity blasphemous.

Have we ever thought about the life span of these reactions?

The span of these reactions is like an ephemeral existence in which there is neither coincidence nor possibility that every one of us have decided to sleep over this ‘news’ we read and move on; brush it under the rug, if you may.

Come dawn, we switch on our devices listen to the incessant caterwauling of reporters as they discuss new such instances in alluring lilt.

The sorrow, pity, vigour, ebullient happiness — all of these emotions are rather short lived.

The focus is on creating and kindling more of these reactions the next day. Nothing short of what serial houses run in the name of ‘drama’ through television broadcasting.

Is this a boon or a bane for humanity?

For are we programmed to forgive, forget and move on

For are we cursed with abundant self pity and self adornment that we chew on any information that does not concern us and churn it out.

For are we hounds, thirsty for gossip and discerned by more of it

For are we just programmed to cache these memories

The whole charade seems quite diabolical to me.

This is not the fault of a reporter, not so much the fault of the media house — point fingers to one’s self and tell yourself honestly — are you a consumer of this travesty?

For that would help improve the quality of what gets produced.

Emotions and reactions surface up with enthusiasm. Honour this enthusiasm, channel it and introspect. Brushing it only piles up clutter which bursts out ultimately, creating a possible segway for another useless piece of information which I might read about tomorrow. Spare me that and spare yourself the experience.

What if each one of us did everything within our limits to

  1. Better ourselves
  2. Better our surroundings
  3. Be a social and political egalitarian
  4. React to injustice around you
  5. Drive solutions and initiatives, waiting for people to extend their shoulders and complaining when they fail to.

All of this would keep you thoroughly busy and the media houses more focused on churning real information that would concern you.

This will allow prioritization of important matters, reporting of real problems and more importantly, honest reporting.

It could bolster the confidence in media houses to report quality as they know nothing short of it will get consumed.

Ofcourse, all of this is just perspective. Happy to hear your thoughts!

Perspectives, sometimes we are right. What’s in stake? Just pen it down and write!